Well, it’s just after 11:30 pm, so it must be time for one of my little blog posts.

Our app works.  It’s ready for presentation, and everything about it works.

There were ups and downs – to be honest, not a lot of downs, but the downs were large and frustrating, and they came with moments of ‘how much do I really need this feature’ or ‘what about just not having this bit’.  But no, that is not the attitude that got any of us into law school, and it’s certainly not the attitude our clients or colleagues will want to see in us in practice; so for our features and all the little extra bits (if they were possible) were going into the app.

For me, the ups were more like little *yes, I do know what I’m doing* moments in my brain – right up until tonight, which caused this post.  Tonight I’m both excited and pleased, and maybe even a little proud of what we have created.  I don’t know anyone that goes to law school right now thinks they are going to learn what we have learned in Designing Legal Expert Systems, but I have to echo one of my original posts (which I may have made here or on my LinkedIn) – transferring into this class at the last possible second was definitely the best choice I made this semester.

By @faymester