When it’s easier to start with a Clean Sheet

No one likes starting over; it’s frustrating and annoying, you feel like you’ve just wasted a bunch of time, you feel like you’ve failed, or worse, that you’ve been defeated by your own tangled brain (but you’re supposed to be smart!).  However, sometimes it is not only necessary, but very worth it in future time and frustration saved.

Today’s shared thoughts also appear in my Mistakes Log, which I probably won’t post at the end of the month, but who knows, maybe I’ll be bold enough to share my mistakes.

After many collaborative changes, and much time spent trying to make all sorts of little modifications along the way work, the logic driving the app had to go, and a fresh decision tree had to be made.  3 hours later, the app works.  There are definitely still pieces missing, the aesthetics are still at default, and the report wording says things like ‘wording for report X’ or ‘insert question about Y’, but the logic flows where it is supposed to, which makes my stress level decrease just a little bit.

So, I leave readers of this blog with an 11pm thought: Sometimes the answer is to start over.

By @faymester

2 thoughts on “When it’s easier to start with a Clean Sheet

  1. This is post is one of the most relatable things I have seen in law school. The amount of times I had to “start over” on my DivorceApp was discouraging. I feel this same process is coming, but on a larger scale, for our final app. However, once the app is complete, it is always worth it in the end.

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