When you Think you Understand

This will be my first post on this blog about my adventures in the Designing Legal Expert Systems course with Katie Sykes at TRU Law.  I have made a few posts on my LinkedIn previously, but I am hoping that by posting here, others in our class may post here as well and that future years of law students will take the leap and try this class too.  I love that I transferred into this class at the last possible second, it was possibly the best decision I made this semester.  The class is pushing me to understand subject matter on a deeper level than a traditional law class tends to do.

As law students and future lawyers, we like to say we are both logical and problem solvers.  However, until you have to put your strict logic on a page, I suggest that what you think you understand and what you actually understand may not be the same thing.  When you build an app, each step has very definite inputs and outputs – which may seem contradictory to law, but think about the legal tests you do, and when you apply the facts to those tests.

I will leave my thoughts here for the moment and get back to building!

By @faymester